National Women Touched by Addiction Day is a movement for not just the woman who has struggled with addiction firsthand but also for any woman who has felt the effects through others. Our goal is to help remove the stigma, to create understanding through education, and encourage healing to build resilience.

  • Education

We have partnered with Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research to offer crucial education that is needed to understand the science behind substance abuse disorders and how they affect women.

  • Opening Conversations

On July 23rd we encourage you to share your testimony on social media. (Share the photo of the finger being held up)

Lifting just one finger shows your support for an entire community of women.

On National Women Touched By Addiction Day, we lift up women who have faced addiction firsthand or have felt its effects through others. Today, we let love leave its imprint. #OneFingerOneFamily #WTBAday #raiseafingertoremovethestigma #mendinghearts

  • Building Resilience

You are not alone in your struggles. You can heal and recover from the trauma of substance abuse.
(We will provide resources here)