18th Annual Breakfast – Donate & Tickets

We are excited to meet you all online for our virtual 18th Annual RISE Breakfast on Friday, March 25th!

Mending Hearts offers a full continuum of care that treats the whole woman from intake to independent living, and medical detox is a key component to a successful recovery. It is essential that clients have the ability to safely begin sobriety while being carefully tended to by our medical staff in our detox facility. This ensures that they can safely enter the therapeutic process that leads to healing. Our current facility can only house four women at a time, but with the growing need for services, this is simply not sufficient.

With your support, we will be able to renovate one of our existing buildings and create a larger, and more suitable medical facility. This will allow us to serve four additional women in medical detox and four more women in residential treatment. While these may not seem like large numbers, this overhaul will allow us to treat hundreds of more women a year!

Our event will feature, Erin Calipari, PhD., an Assistant Professor and member of the Center for Addiction Research at Vanderbilt. She’s been a highly regarded voice in advocating for proven addiction treatment. There will also be a few surprises.

Set a reminder to visit our “Virtual RISE Breakfast” page on March 25th at 8:30 AM CST to watch our premiere. The virtual event will last less than an hour and you don’t even have to leave your home!

Share! Invite others by sharing the event link on your social media platforms. Because this is a virtual event, it can be watched by anyone despite location, and attendees are unlimited! Help us to make this the largest RISE Breakfast ever!