“I am incredibly grateful to Mending Hearts for providing me with structure, stability, accountability, a place to call home, and a feeling of being loved and appreciated. Taking in the knowledge provided by the staff with an open mind, willingness, and the integrity to do the next right thing, when no one is looking, allows me to build a firm foundation in my recovery.” – Allison

“I had been living in my addiction for 30 years before I came to Mending Hearts. I am now 40 years old.  I grew up with my mom who was on drugs and she let me do drugs with her at age 9.  By the time I was 14, I was addicted and always looking for my next high.  I was involved with prostitution, drug possession, and did some jail time. During these years, I had 2 children and lost my son to a gunshot to his head.   I tried to get clean and just could never do it.  Time went by and I eventually detoxed and came to Mending Hearts…and this place changed me! I began to feel like life was worth living again.  Mending Hearts has taught me to love again, to trust myself and others, to think more positively…everyday I am learning something new.  I have a job that I like and I have moved out into my own place to begin living independently.  My dream  is to finish raising my 15-year old daughter, to receive my GED and to eventually own my own home one day.” – Aleshia

“As a recovering drug addict, I’ve come to realize how important my medications and therapy are to my success at staying clean from drugs.  For many years after having a diagnosis of different mental illnesses, I was prescribed medications and suggested to see a therapist.  While taking the medications and seeking therapy inconsistently, I would take my medication and take it as prescribed and see the therapist as I was told, I noticed my using would stop.  When I would feel good and didn’t feel like I needed the medicine any longer, I would stop the medicine and eventually start lying to the therapist and go back to using again. While being at Mending Hearts, I have been shown that [having] a regular routine and accountability, and the right medication and therapy, are a must for me to stay clean.” – Kristy